We at MSI believe that above all else, safety is our no. 1 priority. That statement is especially crucial when providing traffic control. Our traffic professionals go through extra training to give them the fundamental knowledge to keep control. The second and third part of the equation are patience and organization. Dealing with disgruntled and emotional pedestrians and drivers can prove to be a little stressful. We understand and have the experience to to prepare our people to handle these issues. We maintain and stock every type of traffic control gear available on the market. Organization is all about having a game plan before the event. That's why our team consults their plans with the event coordinator is an effort to increase efficiency between our plans and theirs.

In addition, we train all of our Traffic Controllers by the standards set forth by the US Department of transportation Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. When the normal function of the roadway is suspended, Traffic Controller planning provides for continuity of the movement of motor vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic (including accessible passage); transit operations; and access (and accessibility) to property and utilities. The primary function of Traffic Controller is to provide for the reasonably safe and efficient movement of road users through or around Traffic Controller zones while reasonably protecting workers, responders to traffic incidents, and equipment.
Of equal importance to the public traveling through the Traffic Controller zone is the safety of workers performing the many varied tasks within the work space. Traffic Controller zones present constantly changing conditions that are unexpected by the road user. This creates an even higher degree of vulnerability for the workers and incident management responders on or near the roadway (see Section 6D.03). At the same time, the Traffic Controller zone provides for the efficient completion of whatever activity interrupted the normal use of the roadway.

Consideration for road user safety, worker and responder safety, and the efficiency of road user flow is an integral element of every Traffic Controller zone, from planning through completion.




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